About Michael

An active reader interested in topics such as mathematics, science, productivity, visual art, computer logic and data, philosophy, religion, business practices and occasional fiction. IT software definition is work I have done to solve problems by systematically encoding business operation. I currently work in technical sales learning how to solve problems by other means. Sales has taught me clarity of a different order.

My goals in life are the same as for many people. Steady, prosperous living in peace experiencing life in a more complete way. I have always been a planner. Earlier in life, I had the fortune of completing various life plans. I found that making a better plan to keep up momentum can be more elusive as you achieve.

I hope to accomplish more. Time will reveal if my plans are valid. My focus is to understand and execute an approach related to integrative thinking. I think complexity at the point of observation and experience is a symptom of a lack of clarity. The topics I study and activities I pursue is an investment towards a personal ability to leverage complexity simply. I believe striving this way will generate success as a consequence of sustained higher expression.


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